55 Open Source Networking Tools

by Cynthia Harvey

This mega-list of open source networking tools includes something for everyone, whether you need to work on your home or small business network. There are even options if you want to grow into working with a large network.

Open source software offers small businesses free or low-cost alternatives to a wide range of business software. The trick is knowing what's available. If you're managing a network in your home office or in a small business setting, you'll find lots of open source network tools to help you keep that network humming.

Whether you need software that can help you with file transfer, network simulation, packet analysis and other networking tasks, this article lists 55 open source alternatives to popular networking tools. Our sister site Datamation.com has the full story.

Setting up and maintaining networks used to be something that only "super-geeks" did. Network engineers and administrators at large enterprises usually have a lot of in-depth technical knowledge about how systems work and how they communicate with each other.

But these days, lots of people have small networks at their homes and small businesses. They usually don't have the same sort of specialized knowledge, but they still need to be able to set up and troubleshoot the inevitable problems.

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This article was originally published on Monday Oct 18th 2010
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