Create Your Own Wireless Hosted Network

by Eric Geier

Power your Wi-Fi devices on the road using your 3G/4G mobile data plan. We'll show you what you need to set up a mobile hotspot.

There are plenty of ways to connect to the Internet using a mobile device. And while vendors typically want you to use one adapter per device, there are times when you might want to connect a different device, say a notebook, or let others piggyback on to your mobile Internet connection. Our sister site, PracticallyNetworked.com shows how you can use your 3G/4G connection to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Though 3G and 4G Internet is all about mobility, most providers try to sell you just a single adapter or service to just one phone. However, you don't have to tie yourself down to using just one laptop or device. We're going to discuss a couple of solutions to get that single connection shared among multiple devices and/or users.

You certainly won't need to buy a 3G/4G subscription for each device. First, we'll discuss techniques that try to use tools you already have to keep the cost down. Then we'll look at true mobile routers, specifically designed for this application.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 28th 2010
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