Need a Netbook? Acer Aspire One D255 Review

by Housen Maratouk

Netbooks versus tablets…is it a fight to the death, or is there room for both? Acer pumps up the power with a hefty processor. Our reviewer takes the lightweight device for a test drive.

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It may seem like the world's gone iPad mad, but plenty of people -- and especially netbook makers -- still think there's room for tablets and netbooks to co-exist in peace. After all, price still matters, and lots of folks still want a device that delivers a notebook experience, but in a smaller, lighter design.

Our sister site, HardwareCentral.com, takes a close look at Acer's Aspire One D255 to see whether it can hold its own in the face of tablet-mania.

Is there still a place for netbooks in what's starting to seem like a tablet-mad world? Acer thinks so. At a time when the Apple iPad is at the top of so many shopping lists and product after product is being evaluated as a potential "iPad-killer," Acer is betting on enough prospective buyers still looking for the more notebook-like experience, but with the smaller size and price tag, that a netbook offers. And so it's kept right on refreshing its netbook line, with a recent example being the unit we're looking at today: the Aspire One D255.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 28th 2010
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