Color Printers: The Epson B-510DN Review

by Eric Grevstad

Think you can't afford to print in color? If you buy the Epson B-510DN, it'll cost about 3.5 cents per page. Consumables for business printers don't get much more affordable than that.

Not to belabor the point, but 3.5 cents to print a color page? Seriously? We like that -- a lot. The 10 to 12 cents per page you'll save instead of using a color laser printer will pay for the Epson in no time. Plus, this is a sturdy color printer that's built to handle heavy use and to deliver impressive print quality. Do other business printers in this price range offer as much value? We don't think so. HardwareCentral has the full review.

Cheap inkjet printers give inkjet printers a bad name. It's hard to think of the category without thinking of the disposable inkjets popular with consumers -- $49 printers with $50 sets of ink cartridges, skimpy duty cycles, and sky-high costs per page. As a result, when envisioning a color printer for a medium-sized office or workgroup, most of us envision a color laser printer.

Epson has a different suggestion. The B-510DN is a color inkjet built for business -- for documents, not photos (it has a photo or best-quality setting, but it doesn't do borderless prints), with a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 pages.

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This article was originally published on Friday Apr 30th 2010
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