Portable USB Scanner: HP Scanjet Professional 1000

by Housen Maratouk

HP's lightweight, portable USB scanner takes next to no space in your notebook bag plus, when it comes to getting the job done, it's a heavyweight champ.

You may be skeptical when you hear that a portable scanner can perform on par with an office-bound document scanner. And of course, there are differences, such as a lack of an ADF. But HP's packed a whole lot of function into this road-ready USB scanner. HardwareCentral.com has the full report.

When it comes to document and image scanners, few brands are as ubiquitous in corporate environments as HP, whose offerings range from single-sheet flatbeds to heavy-duty machines that can tear through War and Peace like it's The Cat in the Hat. But the company's product line has lacked a portable solution for those who need to digitize documents on the go -- until now, that is.

Read the complete portable USB scanner review.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Apr 22nd 2010
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