Review: HP Compaq 6005 Pro Desktop Computer

by SmallBusinessComputing Staff

This souped-up small business computer has enough power for even the most demanding software. C'mon, take it for a ride.

When it comes to buying a small business computer, you need to match the hardware with the task. Employees whose primary jobs revolve round emailing, word processing and other basic computing tasks can more than get by with a lower-end, lower-powered PC.

However, if you have employees who perform image or video editing -- or other processor-intensive applications -- the HP Compaq 6005 Pro makes a great choice. HardwareCentral.com has the full review.

A racing stripe would be nice. Or maybe a hood ornament or custom paint job or a sticker somewhere. Anything to indicate that the black-cased HP Compaq 6005 Pro isn't the generic desktop PC it appears to be -- that it's unabashed overkill for an employee who spends the day e-mailing and spreadsheeting, but is built to keep up with a demanding user of demanding applications. It's a desktop PC with a shot of Tabasco sauce.

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 19th 2010
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