Small Business Solution: An Eco-Friendly LED Display

by Housen Maratouk

Interested in flat panel monitors for your small business? NEC’s MultiSync EA222WMe delivers both quality and money-saving energy efficiency.

NEC’s stylish 22-inch flat screen monitor is more than just a pretty face. It’s a real miser when it comes to electricity, which can help lower operational costs. HardwareCentral.com has the full review.

These days, from celebrities driving hybrids to food shoppers going organic to homeowners swapping all of the light bulbs they can find with watt-saving fluorescents, everybody wants to be green. After all, it's not only trendy, it's economical — and where the average homeowner can save hundreds per year by being more energy efficient, the average business can save many times as much.

So it's not surprising that PC hardware vendors are looking to outdo one another in catering to this trend. For an example, check out one of NEC Display Solutions' latest offerings: the 22-inch MultiSync EA222WMe monitor ($339).

Just How Green Is It?

LCD monitors, of course, are already greener than their hulking CRT ancestors. But recognizing that there's always room for improvement, NEC has produced a series of monitors that forego the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) found in traditional flat panels in favor of LED backlighting like the latest notebook screens' and HDTVs'.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Feb 18th 2010
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