Time, Virtualization and Testing in Disaster Recovery

by Paul Mah

Time is an often-overlooked piece of the small business disaster recovery puzzle. What else do you need to consider?

Every small business needs backup and disaster recovery tools, but equally important, you need to account for the time to effect that recovery in the event your business is struck by some type of data disaster. While virtualization can cut your recovery time, it's not the complete answer. Paul Mah at ITBE takes a look at disaster recovery and the roles virtualization and recovery testing play in the process.

I was reading a report about how a mid-sized firm successfully slashed the backup window for restoring its SQL database from 17 hours to just two. Titled "How One SMB Slashed Disaster Recovery Time," it was an interesting piece about how wholesale distributor Hit Promotional Products dealt with the massive and increasing load of data that the 10-person, developer-centric IT team had to work with.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Apr 26th 2012
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