Amazon Vs. IPad: The Battle Begins

by Mike Elgan

Mike Elgan's unique take on the ultimate use for iPad and Amazon's forthcoming tablet explores each company's quiet strategy to be the platform consumers use to buy everything.

It's easy to think that a tablet's just a tablet. Even an iPad is just a tablet (albeit the one by which all others are measured), right? Mike Elgan over at Datamation.com looks at the tablet a bit differently, especially now that Amazon will soon unleash its own tablet. How different could it be, you ask?

The difference isn’t so much related to the hardware, but rather what Amazon intends to accomplish with it as a platform. And, according to Elgan, Apple is doing the same thing with the iPad. It makes a fascinating read and a look at how consumers will be buying just about everything in the not-too-distant future.

Every time some company ships a touch tablet, the press immediately compares it to the Apple iPad. "Motorola Xoom Android Tablet May Be First iPad Killer," enthused MSNBC.com back in January.

As it becomes clear that Amazon’s long-awaited tablet is really an Android-based Kindle optimized for buying things from Amazon.com, some headlines are suggesting that it’s not a competitor to the iPad after all, but just a glorified eBook reader. “No Worries, iPad, Amazon’s Android Tablet Is Just a Nook-Killer,” said Forbes.com.

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This article was originally published on Friday Sep 9th 2011
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