Cybernet Launches Linux-based E-Commerce Suite

by SmallBusinessComputing.com Staff

NetMAX Professional E-Commerce Suite and E-Commerce Powerpack are designed to let small and mid-size businesses add online capabilities.

With its eye on the small- to mid-size business market, Cybernet Systems Corp today announced two additions its Linux-based NetMAX software line.

The NetMAX Professional E-Commerce Suite and E-Commerce Powerpack are designed to help users build and maintain an efficient and secure online retail sales program, according to Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Cybernet Systems. The company claims that NetMAX Professional E-Commerce Powerpack and E-Commerce Suite give small businesses an economical way to create an online store in just a few hours.

"Many small businesses are looking to supplement traditional sales activities with online commerce as a way to increase revenue without significantly impacting overhead," said Chuck Jacobus, CEO of Cybernet Systems. "One of the stumbling blocks has always been the level of IT knowledge required to create and install a virtual storefront. Business owners with average computer experience or IT managers at mid-size enterprises with little time can quickly create a secure site for handling financial transactions, Jacobus said.

Both products are designed to enhance Cybernet's NetMAX Professional 4.03 application, which includes Apache Web server and Sendmail e-mail server and Red Hat Linux. NetMAX Professional, the company says, simplifies the setup of a Web, e-mail and FTP server through a platform-agnostic approach that allows for shared files and printers between Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Unix clients.

In addition to its capability to monitor Web and e-mail server access, track network Web browsing and to block unwanted e-mail, the NetMAX Professional is desgined to let users host multiple domains on a single IP address, allowing small business owners to host more than one Web site affordably.

NetMAX Professional also now supports 802.11b (WiFi) wireless standards used to establish secure networks.

The NetMAX E-Commerce Suite and E-Commerce Powerpack offer the following enhanced capabilities, according to the company:

  • Easy setup and configuration using a Web browser
  • Support for downloadable and shipped goods
  • "Intelligent" merchandising, as the system remembers and tracks past purchases in order to facilitate suggestive selling
  • Credit card processing

The NetMAX Professional E-Commerce Suite is bundled with NetMAX Professional 4.03 and priced at $569. For current NetMAX Professional customers, the NetMAX E-Commerce Powerpack is available as an add-on for $309.

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 11th 2003
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