SMB Marketing Tips: Ways to Promote a Local Business

by Andrew Lock

Don’t let a small or non-existent advertising budget slow you down. Our small business marketing expert offers tips on how to get the word out on your local business.

This episode of help My Business Sucks is jammed with small business marketing advice that you can adapt to your own business, no matter what industry you’re in.

From an astounding example of good customer service and tips on how to promote a local business, to productivity advice, branding tips, Web tools, and an example of how crazy ideas can net big revenue, you'll find something here to help you boost your business.

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This episode features a true story about an interaction with a Ritz Carlton resort that’s nothing short of amazing. Let me know what you think of it.

If you own or manage a local business, how are you doing with promoting your business locally within your area? It’s not easy, especially in tough economic times. I’ll share some small business marketing tips to help you.

How fast is your website? Do you know how long it takes to load? If not, you should! There could easily be issues slowing your website that you can fix. I’ll share a nifty resource with you so you can understand how it ranks right now.

And finally, a big marketing lesson from The Aspen Ski Company, who offered a ski pass for $25,000. What could you possibly get for that amount of money? I’ll tell you, and share with you WHY they did it. There’s more to it than meets the eye, that’s for sure. It’s very clever marketing that you can adapt in your own business

Andrew Lock is a self-described maverick marketer and the creator and host of Help! My Business Sucks, a free, weekly Web TV show full of practical small business marketing tips, advice and resources to help small businesses "get more done and have more fun."

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This article was originally published on Friday Jul 20th 2012
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