Build Your Referral Network with Manta

by Vangie Beal

Manta helps small businesses connect with other small businesses. It's a smart way to grow.

If you’re a small business owner and you're not familiar with Manta, why not go see what 89 million…yes, million, other small business owners know that you don't. Manta is an online community where small business owners go to connect and partner with other small business owners. Our colleague Vangie Beal has the latest on what's new at Manta, so check it out and get connected.

Today, websites like Facebook and Twitter are the most well-known social destinations for businesses looking to connect with their customers, but one social piece missing from these popular spaces is a connection between small business owners.

Manta, the largest online community dedicated to small business, is a site designed to help small businesses connect and grow through a large online community. According to Pamela Springer, Manta's CEO, millions of people visit the site daily to look for companies to buy from or to partner with.

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This article was originally published on Friday Apr 27th 2012
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