How to Calculate Small Business Ecommerce ROI

by Helen Bradley

Learn to calculate ROI for your small business ecommerce site so you can maximize your investment and make adjustments when before problems start.

It may seem patently obvious, but you can't invest money in your ecommerce website unless you know you'll make a return on that investment. And when it comes to your website, you'll need that information when you initially build the site, and when you want to upgrade it and add new features and capabilities.

Our ecommerce expert takes you through the steps of calculating ROI -- and interpreting the information -- so that you know when and how much to invest in your small business ecommerce site.

The main reason why you have an online store is to make money, and to do that you need to ensure that any investment you make in your ecommerce website pays a return. This includes everything from the cost of creating your small business ecommerce site to making improvements and updates and your social networking and ecommerce marketing campaigns.

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 11th 2011
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