Social Media Roulette: Facebook, Twitter or Blogs

by David Strom

Which social media platform is the best? Ask 100 people and you'll probably get 100 different answers. One blogger offers his view on the subject.

Confused by social media or wondering which social networking platform is the best small business marketing platform for your business? It's a fair question -- many companies, even larger ones, aren’t sure whether Facebook, Twitter or a blog is the best way to engage and reach out to customers

Our sister site, Datamation.com, looks at this issue in a blog post by David Strom. It's more food for thought as you work through the process of choosing the right social media strategy for your needs.

The days of blogs are either numbered (according to the NY Times) or becoming more important (according to Steve Rubel). Gen X is either all on Twitter or Facebook (according to just about everyone) or moving beyond them using their cell phones (ditto). Never in the short history of the Web have so many people interpreted data so widely with so many contradictory conclusions.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Feb 23rd 2011
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