Marketing Tools: Distribute Press Releases

by Andrew Lock

PRWeb is a handy site for sending press releases to journalists and news sites. Plus, a way to track your favorite shows and a site that lets you aggregate all your social media sites.

Andrew Lock

PR Web

If you have news about your business that you’d like to get out to the world in the form of a press release, you really should know about PR Web.  It’s also referred to as the Press Release Newswire.  The four types of account packages at PRWeb.com range from Basic ($80 per release) to Premium ($360 per release). Choose the package that suits your needs, and then submit your press release. 

The site also offers small business SEO tools to ensure maximum online visibility, because it submits your press release to search engines and also to journalists around the world as well as to news sites such as GoogleNews and YahooNews. 

You’ll be able to drive website traffic to your site and then also track the results of people who have printed your press release.  PR Web is a really good way of increasing your business exposure.


I’ve got some favorite actors on TV and in the movies that I love to keep up with.  But it’s hard to know just when their shows or movies are going to be playing.

LocateTV.com is a great site to help you keep up with your favorites.  The site has lots of features, but the main one I like lets you track your favorite actors.  For example, I like Sam Elliott. So I type in his name and right off the bat I get a whole listing of his movies, what time they're airing, a show synopsis, a little bit about the cast and where I can watch him. 

The site lists all the shows with Sam Elliot (or whichever actor you wish to follow) that will air within the next two weeks, and you can sign up to have an email sent to remind you about a particular show you want to watch.

LocateTV also has great information on new episodes of TV programs, popular programming that you might want to follow and special picks and reminders.  You can select the TV shows and movies that you’d like to be reminded about, and they’ll keep you up to date on those, too.

Want to know what's best? The site lists Top 5 TV shows, movies and even the top 5 actors.  Well, that’s pretty nice.  Go take a look at LocateTV.com, it's got some great stuff going on.


Plaxo.com sounds like a mouth rinse, but it’s not.  It’s an aggregator for social media.  The idea is that you can stay in touch with the people you care about, no matter where they are.  You can connect with your family, friends and your business network, and Plaxo makes it easy to find who you know.

Plaxo is kind of like a dashboard -- you share content from the websites you use -- like Flickr, YouTube, Digg and about 30 others social sites that Plaxo has already linked in to you.  You can share anything on Plaxo – photos, videos and reviews -- and you have control over who gets to see what.  You can post your photos on Flickr and then draw that into your Plaxo profile.  And you can also connect with the various websites you use.

You can use Plaxo to discover the content that your friends are creating all over the Web, and then share your own.  And according to Plaxo, you can take it with you, meaning that you can take your address book and what the site calls Pulse, which is your media stuff, with you to Outlook, Mac or your mobile phone.

You can create a profile and contact info if you want and set up a Pulse Stream -- that sounds an awful lot like a Tweet, but it’s their name for it.  The website is called Plaxo. and it aggregates all your various social media sites into one dashboard.
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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 9th 2010
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