You Know You Want It: Top 10 Tech Toys

by Robert McGarvey

There's still time to make your favorite geek's dreams come true this holiday (you are your own favorite geek, right?) Here are the best 10 toys and tools you know you want.

Go ahead and use this list of 10 tech toys as your excuse to buy yourself a little something this holiday. Or perhaps drop a not-so-subtle hint around the home or office. And don’t worry; you'll get plenty of work productivity out of these "toys." And if you play your small business cards right, maybe even a tax deduction too.

Understand this: you must have an iPad (1 or 2), but it does not make this Top 10 list because it is assumed you have one. If you don't, wait a few months because the latest incarnation, the iPad 3, is rumored to be hitting the shelves in late winter or early spring. The iPad 2 was an incremental improvement over iPad 1 and nobody is expecting more from iPad 3 but with Apple, who knows? Just put it on your shopping list.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 20th 2011
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