35 Productivity Apps for Your Android Smartphone

by Thor Olavsrud

Conduct your business anytime from anywhere with 35 Android mobile apps -- both free and paid -- that are designed to help you stay productive.

What mobile apps do you need on your Android smartphone to connect, collaborate and produce when you're away from the office? Or maybe your Android smartphone is your office. Either way, you're bound to find a few handy mobile apps from this list of 35 productivity apps.

Peruse and pick from both free and paid productivity apps to make your smartphone even smarter. Our sister site Datamation.com has the full list.

Android apps put power in the hands of knowledge workers no matter where that worker happens to be. Plus: some these Android apps are free.

Can an Android app improve your life? It sure seems so. The latest Android apps give knowledge workers the ability to connect and interface with information anytime, anywhere, like never before. With the right apps on your smartphone, you can collaborate with colleagues, view and update files, track your projects and all sorts of other neat tricks.

To help you get started, here's a list of 35 of the best Android apps to help knowledge workers get the most out of the power at their fingertips.

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This article was originally published on Friday Oct 29th 2010
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