First Look: Big Brand Peripherials for Under $50

by Eric Grevstad

Black is the new beige, or at least black is the chic color scheme of today's PCs. And Logitech and Microsoft are ready — the former with a new, top-of-the-linecorded keyboard, the latter with a limited edition of its smooth, cordless mouse. Do these customizable peripherals' comfort and productivity match their elegant fashionsense?

We're not sure we remember who switched first — maybe Dell, closely followed by Compaq and eMachines? But over the last couple of years, almost all desktopPCs, which used to be some shade of white, off-white, or washday gray (remember "putty?"), have turned black, usually with silver accents. And if you haven't yetcolor-coordinated your desktop, Logitech's latest keyboard and