Go Beyond Password Security

by Herman Mehling

The user name and password doesn’t provide the security it once did. We look at the pros and cons of more secure authentication technologies.

Security is a crucial part of protecting your small business investment. And, for the most part, the username and password combo is the go-to default for small businesses. However, that's not as secure as you might think. Hacking a password doesn’t take much effort for a hacker who's determined and in-the-know.

There are other, more advanced methods of securing your business, and our colleagues at our sister site eSecurityPlanet rate the pros and cons of the top three advanced authentication options.

The cornerstone of any reliable security system is authentication, the way of confirming the truth of something or the identity of a person. To protect data and/or control access to data, many organizations still rely on the simplest and most common form of authentication: the password. Not surprisingly, the basic password is too often breached or copied or shared, thereby exposing data to theft or malicious intrusions.

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This article was originally published on Monday Nov 14th 2011
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