20 Ways to Secure Your Android Device

by Jeff Goldman

We list 20 of the top mobile security apps to protect your Android devices from a bevy of malevolent apps, nasty malware and even theft.

Mobile devices make it possible for small businesses to work from anywhere at any time, and that's a boon to productivity and growth. But if your company hasn’t added mobile security to those mobile devices, that's just asking for trouble.

There's no shortage of mobile security apps for Android devices, as this article from our colleagues at eSecurityPlanet shows. Read through the top 20 security apps to see what's available and what suites your needs and then, you know, use them.

Android security issues make the news just about every day, from malicious apps appearing in the Google Play app store to mobile malware spreading via SMS. While Android is a flexible and easy-to-use mobile operating system available on a wide variety of great devices, the mobile threat landscape has now made it essential for users to install additional security options.

Keep in mind that the most basic security precautions, like password-protecting your device and setting it to auto-lock after a specified period of time, don't require an app – both of those features can be accessed within Settings > Location & Security. And most Android devices offer a variety of unlock options, including a numeric PIN, a password or a graphical pattern.

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This article was originally published on Friday Jun 29th 2012
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