Do Your Sales People Really Need iPads?

by Paul Mah

While many of your employees may agitate for iPads, many SMBs are hard-pressed to justify the expense. For sales teams, however, there may be a real business case for deploying iPads.

Numbers don’t lie…no matter how desperately iPad-besotted employees may want them to. Studies have shown that there's not always a good business reason to deploy tablets, especially if the small business in question hasn’t properly vetted the idea and considered all the costs involved.

Paul Mah takes a look, however, at how sales teams may, in fact, benefit from a properly-deployed iPad.

Should You Deploy iPads to Sales Teams?

I've blogged previously about what to consider before deploying tablets in your SMB. My primary motivation for writing that was simple: to play the devil's advocate to discourage businesses from jumping onto the tablet wagon without careful consideration. And this is borne out by the numbers too: At least one study (pdf) found that while 78 percent plan to have tablets deployed by the end of 2013, more than half don't even have a clear adoption strategy.

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Paul Mah covers technology for SMBs for Small Business Computing and for IT Business Edge. He also shares his passion for and knowledge of everything from networking to operating systems as an instructor at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, and is a contributor to a number of tech sites, including Ars Technica and TechRepublic.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 22nd 2012
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