How to Create an 'Experience' with Small Business Marketing

by Andrew Lock

What can any entrepreneur, learn from Starbucks? Enough to incorporate these small business marketing tips. Plus, the problem with blanket customer-service policies.

If you're looking for free marketing tips and strategies that you can incorporate in your own business, you'll love this archive episode from our favorite entrepreneur and small business marketing expert, Andrew Lock.

In this week's episode of Help! My Business Sucks, Andrews takes on Comcast and its odd customer service policy, answers a contractor's question on how to make his brand stand out from the crowd, and shares a free marketing tool that helps you stay on top of consumer trends.

Free Small Business Marketing Tips

I had a visit from a Comcast representative last weekend. It seems that now they want me as a customer. Funny thing is, just a couple of months ago they just let me walk away as a customer.

Any idea what Starbucks and a building contractor have in common? You’d be surprised at how easy it is for any entrepreneur to incorporate the coffee giant's marketing principles.

It’s important to keep up with and understand consumer trends, and I have a great free resource to help you do just that this week.

This week’s big marketing lesson is from "Dinner In The Sky." You won’t believe the crazy idea that they’ve come up with (and that’s making them a lot of money)!

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This article was originally published on Friday May 18th 2012
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