The Evolution of Computing: What It Means for SMBs

by Paul Mah

A look at how the way we use computers has evolved -- both in and out of the workplace -- and what that means for small business.

We all know how fast technology changes, but sometimes it's important to step back and understand how these rapid trends and advances affect not only the way we work, but how we plan and adapt small business IT strategies as well. Pal Mah takes a look at several ways in which the end-user computing experience has evolved and offers his take on the impact to small business.

Small Business IT

A computing transformation is taking place, says Chue Chee Wei, the marketing director for Dell in South Asia and Korea. At an event that includes the official launch of the company's XPS 14 Ultrabook laptop in Singapore, Chue highlighted a bunch of areas where end-user computing has evolved.

I thought the points are of special relevance to SMBs, and mention some of them below.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 10th 2012
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