Improve Your Wireless Network Range: hField Wi-Fire

Wednesday Mar 10th 2010 by John P. Mello Jr.

Clip this Wi-Fi adapter onto your laptop and extend the range and strength of your wireless network, and even discover others you couldn’t reach before.

If you're tired of weak Wi-Fi reception out on the road or even at home, the hField Wi-Fire adapter could save the day. HardwareCentral.com has the review.

An Internet connection these days has become an umbilical cord for many people. Whether in an office cubicle, a college quad, or on the road with a smile and a shoeshine, a link to the cloud -- and a strong, solid link, with no erratic or dropped signals -- is a productivity essential. That's the kind of link offered by hField Technologies' Wi-Fire long-range WiFi adapter.

According to the vendor, the $59 gadget can boost WiFi range to as much as 1,000 feet -- three times farther than the typical 802.11b/g adapter built into a notebook. Better yet, it maintains faster speeds at longer distances from a wireless access point.

Installing the Wi-Fire is very simple. Before attaching the device to a computer, you need to install its software. The setup disc contains programs for using the device with Windows Vista or XP, Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5, or Linux kernel 2.6.24. I installed the software on a notebook running Windows 7, and it worked fine.

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