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Friday Jun 1st 2001 by SmallBusinessComputing Staff

Norton Systemworks -- Rating 90

by Steve Bennett

Norton Systemworks
Rating 90

Integrated utility suites have long been popular on the PC side of the fence. Now Symantec Corporation offers a soup-to-nuts utility package for Mac shops: Norton SystemWorks for Macintosh.

At the core of SystemWorks, you'll find Norton Utilities for Macintosh (version 6.0) and Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh (version 7.0), as well as Norton's Web-based LiveUpdate, which allows you to automatically download product patches and the most current virus definitions. Symantec also tosses in two goodies: Dantz Retrospect Express (a backup program) and Aladdin Spring Cleaning (an uninstaller).

Norton Utilities, a "Swiss Army knife" approach to computer diagnostics and repair, includes Norton Disk Doctor, Speed Disk, and other tools. Version 6.0 also provides the ability to "scavenge" and reconstruct directories for the best chance of recovering lost data. Speed Disk enables users to create custom optimization profiles. In addition, Norton Utilities includes a bootable CD-ROM repair disk.

Antivirus 7.0 can automatically scan e-mail attachments as they're downloaded. It also provides shorthands for selecting the level of automatic protection (minimal, standard, full, or none). Once you decide on your auto-protect level, the setting won't need to be changed often.

If you don't have system utilities and antivirus protection in place, SystemWorks for Macintosh represents a complete package at a great price.

Symantec Corporation
$130; $40 for upgrade

PROS: Seamless integration

CONS: Minor adjustments to configuration

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