The Price of Liking Facebook 'Like'

Monday May 9th 2011 by Mike Elgan

It started as a cute idea to share interests with friends. Now Facebook's 'Like' program is a mega-sized marketing machine. But at what cost?

In one short year, Facebook "Like" button went from a nice idea, spread across the Internet like wildfire, and turned into a marketing machine that's nearly usurped traditional consumer reviews.

Datamation's Mike Elgan ponders the impact that Facebook's "Like" program has had on us -- aside from denying any alternative opinion other than "Like" and making our split-second attention spans even shorter -- and wonders what this ad-centric juggernaut will turn into next year.

Sometimes, you’ve got to stop and smell the money.

It was only a year ago that Facebook introduces its "Like" program -- a "Like" button Web site publishers could add to their sites. A "Like" button sounds harmless enough, but for Facebook it’s a Golden Goose that has just begun laying eggs.

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