Super Tuesday, The Holiday Heavyweight

Monday Dec 12th 2005 by Tim Gray

Online retailers pull for Super Tuesday, the heaviest online traffic day of the holiday season. Or so says the data.

E-retailers can forget about Cyber Monday, and stop fretting over Black Friday shopping invoices. Now, the most important date on calendars this holiday season is tomorrow — "Super Tuesday" to the labeling-inclined.

That's because all the research and hoopla over which is the biggest and baddest holiday shopping day on the planet, at least in the American section of it, has been put to rest. "Super Tuesday" comes out on top, or so ScanAlert predicts.

Based on a three-year analysis of the shopping patterns at the 65,000 Internet retailers that use its service, the Napa Valley, Calif.-based ScanAlerts' data indicates online holiday shopping will peak Tuesday.

Specifically: between 12-1 p.m. EST and remain strong for an additional two hours.

CEO Ken Leonard said Tuesday marks the last day when online shoppers have enough time to receive their holiday purchases before Christmas at regular shipping rates, forcing many to make those last minute purchases.

"The corresponding Tuesday this year is Dec. 13, and we expect online business to peak that day for the same reason," Leonard said in a statement.

ScanAlert's data shows that online shopping throughout the year historically starts the week strong on Mondays and then peaks on Tuesdays between noon and 3 p.m., confirming the widespread practice of broadband shopping from work, according to the report.

Sure, Cyber Monday is still a big online shopping day. Employees returning to work after the Thanksgiving break often look forward to shopping online once they get back to those high speed connections.

Traditionally Black Friday , the day after Thanksgiving, has been the big day for sales, both online and brick-and-mortar.

But in the never-ending quest to quantify and qualify holiday shopping habits will there be a new King of the Hill come Wednesday?

Adapted from Internetnews.com.

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