Rockliffe Adds E-mail Firewall Product to Suite

Thursday Jun 17th 2004 by SmallBusinessComputing.com Staff

MailSite MP is designed to provide e-mail security, policy enforcement and archiving at the gateway. The new product is built to work with the company's existing e-mail server and span and virus filters offerings.

Looking to help busy and overburdened small businesses better block the bad stuff and manage the good stuff, Rockliffe, a developer of e-mail server, anti-spam and secure e-mail software for small businesses, yesterday today the availability of Rockliffe MailSite MP.

The MP stands for Message Protector and the e-mail gateway product is designed to provide all-in-one protection from viruses, spam, denial-of-service attacks and directory harvest attacks. It also offers e-mail policy enforcement and e-mail archiving features.

MailSite MP's filtering system is designed to let you build a customizable set of filters, rules and conditions that are applied to messages at different stages in the message routing process. That is, system-wide filters can be set to implement corporate policies and archiving requirements, while allowing you to tailor them for individual users. For example, the company explains, e-mail messages to or from a CEO's e-mail address are likely to have different policy and archiving requirements that than messages being sent to junior staff.

Small businesses are "well-aware of the need to introduce additional security measures for their e-mail servers, but they are overwhelmed by the confusing array of hardware, software and service offerings on the market, each addressing different e-mail security issues," said John Davies, Rockliffe President and CEO. "MailSite MP cuts through that confusion by providing an all-in-one gateway solution that addresses e-mail security requirements a platform for addressing evolving e-mail archiving requirements."

MailSite MP is priced at $595 and works in conjunction with other Rockliffe offerings such as MailSite SE (Small Enterprise) e-mail server ($595 for up to 50 mailboxes; $995 for up to 100 mailboxes). MailSite SE is designed to be easy enough for nonsystem administrators to set up and manage. The server is standards-based and compatible with POP3, IMAP4 standards based mail clients. For example, it works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape.

The company also offers MailSite Anti-Spam and MailSite Anti-Virus for $595 each as well as groupware product called MailSite Team with allows Microsoft Outlook users to share calendars, contacts and folders.

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