Payroll Without the Pain

Tuesday Nov 21st 2006 by Jamie Bsales

You don't need a degree in accounting to handle your company's payroll. Three new online services make it easier to part with your money on payday.

Having employees working for your business is a blessing and a curse. That you need to hire people to handle all the work is a good sign, but having to pay them is kind of a buzz kill. And it's not just the actual parting with the money that hurts; the mechanics of figuring out each individual's paycheck, withholding amounts, benefits contributions, and so on is beyond the abilities of most business owners (unless you own an accounting firm, of course). Add in the threat of huge IRS penalties if you screw up your state and federal quarterly payroll taxes, and it's no wonder that most small businesses hand over the whole mess to an accountant or payroll service