Strike Up Your Brand with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Wednesday Feb 3rd 2010 by Vangie Beal
Strike Up Your Brand with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

There’s nothing better for your business than a brand advocate, a loyal customer who spreads the word about your products or services. Developing brand advocates can give a big boost to your bottom line.

No budget for celebrity endorsements? Don’t worry. Ecommerce-Guide.com has the details on how to turn loyal customers into brand advocates for your business.

Big brands have a lot going for them. They hire famous people to influence their brand name, and everywhere you go consumers know their name and love the products. Still, if you’re interested in building your brand, you can learn a lot from knowing how the big boys play.

For instance, look at how big brands use brand advocates — people who talk favorably about the brand and pass on positive word-of-mouth (WOM) messages to other people.  Brand advocates are just as important to a small business as they are to the bigger corporations out there.

Meet Our Expert Brand-Advocate Advisor

 SwarmBuilder Inc., is a provider of word-of-mouth marketing services, and it helps companies by aggregating, validating and engaging armies of brand advocates to spread the word about their favorite brands, retailers and member organizations. 

Brian Bond, vice president of marketing for SwarmBuilder, knows his stuff when it comes to attracting brand advocates. SwarmBuilder manages brand advocacy for nearly 200 famous brands including Bauer, Columbia, Gore and North Face, to name but a few.

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